Jake Buckwold and Bessie Silverstein










Jake and Bessie 1902 Wedding



The Jake Buckwold Family in Dauphin: From the left - Harvey, Sybil, Rita, Elsa, Alf, Ceil, Percy, Bessie and Jake


Ceil & Jim, Goldie & Percy, Bessie & Jake, Rita & Irving, Sybil & Saul. Missing - Alf & Doris, Harvey and Doreen, Elsa & Joe


From left: Elsa, Percy, Ceilia, Alf, Sybil and Rita




From right: Jake, Alf and Percy - others unknown.  Dauphin. Note the sign covered with #3. That was the store of Max Bay (telehone #3)


Buckwold & Corman Dauphin Wholesale Liquor Store about 1912. Previous Buckwold & Corman operated a clothing store that was sold to Eli Bay and Sam Katz.


History of Jake Buckwold and Family in Dauphin from 1898. Written 1973.


Buckwold Bridge in Dauphin. Jake Buckwold started business in 1898, the year the town was incorporated.


Buckwold Bridge in Dauphin Manitoba. One of two Buckwold Bridges in Canada. The other is in Saskatoon - See Harry Buckwold


Percy, Ceil, Alf, Bessie and Jake - 1924